F550 gvwr

F550 gvwr

Ford F-550 Super Duty: Commercial Truck of the Year

If you need a hauling machine for commercial duties, then the Ford F towing capacity will offer you over 30, pounds. To be precise, the max towing capacity of Ford F will be 31, lbs. Otherwise, the rating will drop. The Ford F will also come with a petrol engine, but this one is less capable.

2009 Ford Super Duty Specifications

The new commercial truck will be pretty versatile. Engines are making similar specs as for the Super Duty segment. However, this class will suffer a big redesign forpossibly launching the new generation. All in all, buyers of the Ford F will choose between turbodiesel and petrol engines. Both are V8. Other options are trim levels, cab configurations, and colors. The new truck is ready to tow 31, pounds.

It is possible if you take 6. The first one is maximizing towing capacity. The other one is not bad either. Four-wheel drive can tow lbs less and gives better balance and steering.

On the other hand, fans expected to see the new speed transmission.


However, Ford sticks to a six-pace automatic gearbox. A gasoline drivetrain for the chassis cab truck is a 6. This is a bigger unit than other models in the Super Duty segment are using. With it, the Ford F towing capacity will be 20, pounds. Both diesel and petrol units are maximizing hauling capability with a 5th-wheel configuration and dual rear wheel setup. All Super Duty Chassis Cab truck comes with three different rear axle ratios.

Buyers will choose between 4.

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These are configurations for diesel, while petrol is using only 4. The best Ford F towing capacity record we get from this axle with both engines.

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Towing capacity is not the only highlight of the new Ford F The truck is very comfortable and buyers can configure it almost as its smaller siblings. First of all, they will have to choose cab configurations. All F trucks are using dual rear wheel configuration.

The single rear wheel is available for Ford F Chassis Cab model. It is a Regular cab XL truck. Lariat is not available with a Regular cab.

NJ State Contract - "Universal Truck" - Ford F550 with Hooklift, Dump Body & Related Accessories

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.The super-capable Ford F will be the last year model before we see a mid-cycle update of the current generation, which is present on the market for a couple of years. Designed exclusively in a chassis cab layout, this truck is a perfect solution for all those drivers who need an extremely capable working machine, with excellent capabilities. Also, it offers a surprisingly high level of comfort, considering the class.

The Ford F will continue with familiar characteristics, including the same trim level organization and pretty much-unchanged lists of standard equipment. Expect to see it in a month or two. In terms of base design characteristics, the Ford F will remain completely the same. It comes exclusively in a chassis cab body style and in a version with dual rear wheels only.

Compared to other versions, it also comes with additional chassis reinforcements, in order to make the best possible results in terms of towing, hauling and other working tasks. Of course, this includes stainless cover for wheels as well. It follows the latest design language of Super Duty models, featuring a familiar face that is characterized by lots of straight lines and massive chromed grille.

Same goes to the interior design. Once you get inside the Ford F, it will become obvious that this is a working machine. First of all, the dashboard looks pretty stylish, though with a little bit boxier overall shape. All materials seem of a high quality, while many of them are also pretty soft on touch.

Just like the previous year model, the Ford F will come in three trim levels. The XL is a classic work mule. Of course, there are many optional features as well. The XLT is already a much more comfortable. Some of the most notable additions are things like cruise control, power door locks and windows, rearview camera, electronic rear mirror, V power outlet, steering wheel with mounted audio controls, remote start and much more. The top-range Lariat trims include all above and adds plenty of interesting features.Introduced in for the model year, the F-Series Super Duty trucks marked the addition of a heavy-duty pickup to the Ford F-Series range with the new versions of the F, F, and F pickups, while the previous — F-Super Duty chassis cabs were replaced by the F chassis cab and F Super Duty.

The Super Duty trucks utilize a distinct chassis from the lighter Fwith heavier-duty chassis and suspension components to allow for higher payload and towing capacities; additionally, the product line continued the use of Ford PowerStroke diesel engines.

In Suriname, even though traffic is on the left side of the road, the import and registry of left hand drive vehicles is allowed. In Australia, it was officially imported in right hand drive from Brazil between —06, however as ofFord no longer offers the Super Duty in Australia.

InFord introduced the Super Duty family of V8 engines. To showcase the engine launch, the "Big Job" conventional truck variants of the F-Series were re-branded as Super Duty, [2] a name added to other Ford trucks as well.

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In Ford would revitalize the name as a Class 4 truck badged as "F-Super Duty", Manufactured as a chassis cab with the frame open for a bed that would suit its future application, these trucks would be equipped with the 7. The weight and class of these trucks would make them the heaviest trucks in the F-Series line at the time.

In response to the changing demographics of pickup truck purchases during the s and s, Ford shifted the design of the F separate from the larger F and F which remained in production. While still a full-size pickup under the skin, to expand its appeal among consumers, the F adopted carlike aerodynamics and convenience features.

To market a truck that appealed towards commercial buyers, fleet buyersand users who tow, Ford sought to create a separate, dedicated heavy-duty truck platform in place of using one chassis for all of its trucks.

By expanding into two separate but related platforms for F-Series trucks, the inevitable compromises inherent in offering a wide range of load-carrying capacities were avoided.

Beginning production in early for the model, the Ford F-Series Super Duty consisted of the F pickup truck, F pickup truck and chassis cab, and introduced the F and F chassis cab trucks see below.

Two-wheel drive was standard, with four-wheel drive as an option; on F pickup trucks, a dual rear-wheel axle was optional with either drive configuration. Under the skin, only the base-equipment 5. While sharing the similar aerodynamic cab design of its smaller counterpart, the exterior of the Super Duty trucks are much different forward of the windshield.

While an influence often compared to the — Dodge Ramthe Super Duty also derives elements of styling from much larger Ford trucks, including the Ford LTL and Aeromaxwith a raised hoodline, large grille, and low fenders.

To improve aerodynamics over metal-framed mirrors, manual-telescoping trailer tow mirrors were available as an option. As an industry first, 2 large complete ring-style front tow hooks were included.

A minor update occurred in the model year which saw a new instrument cluster with a digital odometer. For the model year, the Ford Super Duty trucks were given exterior and interior updates. For the exterior, a new grille, front bumper, and headlights were introduced alongside the introduction of a locking tailgate for all pickup trucks.The Ford F is a commercial truck often used by landscaping businesses. The weight specifications that follow are for the Ford F flatbed truck.

The 4x2 Ford F with a wheelbase of inches has a curb weight of 6, lbs. The 4x4 Ford F with a wheelbase of inches has a curb weight of 6, lbs. The 4x2 Ford F Lariat trim with a inch wheelbase has a curb weight of 7, lbs.

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The Lariat trim with a inch wheelbase has a curb weight of 8, lbs. The 4x4 Super Cab Lariat trim with a inch wheelbase has a curb weight of 8, lbs. The inch wheelbase version has a curb weight of 8, lbs. The inch wheelbase version has a curb weight of 7, lbs. The 4x4 Crew Cab Lariat trim with a wheelbase of inches has a curb weight of 8, lbs.

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Photo Credits Golden Gate viewed from the truck image by Alex.The Ford F horsepower and torque ratings will vary depending on the Super Duty engine that you select for your Chassis cab truck. Using the 7.

f550 gvwr

Using the 6. Do you need help figuring out how all these numbers fit together? We can also help you explore Ford Super Duty towing and payload specs for other models in the lineup, or help you compare F vs.

F models before you drive in from Madison or Appleton. Read More. Drivers near Chicago and Madison have eagerly awaited the return of the well-loved Ford Bronco, and back in January, we shared that a smaller unibody version of the Ford Bronco would most likely be made available at the same time.

f550 gvwr

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This truck is designed to condense multiple trucks into one.

2019 Ford F-550 Specs and Towing Capacity

Use the hooklift to easily mount and un-mount dump bodies, salt spreaders, chipper bodies and more. These is also a separate line item for a snowplow. Palfinger T Hooklift — 12, lb lifting capacity. Includes hose reel and radiarc arms. Includes drop down tailgate and ladder rack with removable bow.

f550 gvwr

Meyer MDV stainless steel V-box salt spreader with a 4 cubic yard capacity, dual electric motors to power auger and spinner, powder coated top screens, stainless steel inverted V, stainless steel tip-up spinner, poly spinner disc and 2 Whelen LED amber strobe lights at the rear.

In-cab controller for Reddick herbicide liquid sprayer unit. In-cab controller for salt spreader. General Information Name: Universal Truck, 19, lb. Stainless Steel Dump Body. Stake Body. Landscaper Body. Chipper Body. Enclosed Storage Body. Utility Body With Ladder Rack. V-Box Salt Spreader. Liquid Sprayer Controller. Spreader Controller.A vehicle's gross vehicle weight rating is an important number to know, whether you're driving a pickup truck towing a trailer, a two-seater roadster or anything in-between.

You can think of the GVWR as a weight limit for your specific vehicle -- a weight limit set by the automaker.

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Gross vehicle weight ratings take into account the base curb weight of the vehicle plus the weight of any optional accessories, cargo and passengers. A vehicle should never be loaded beyond the manufacturer's listed GVWR.

Safety is the driving force behind the GVWR for any vehicle. If a vehicle is overloaded, a number of problems can result. For example, if the vehicle is too heavy, the brakes may not be substantial enough to slow down or stop the vehicle effectively; the suspension components can become ineffective or possibly even break under the added strain and tires that are overloaded generate more heat, making them more likely to blow out.

It's important to understand that a vehicle's GVWR is not a measurement of how much a vehicle actually weighs. A vehicle's actual weight is the gross vehicle weightor GVW. As a simple example, if a car has two passengers and one of those passengers exits the car, the GVW is reduced by the exact weight of the exiting passenger; however, the GVWR remains the same.

If the same vehicle with two passengers on board stops to pick up a third passenger, the GVW is increased by the exact weight of the new passenger, yet once again, the GVWR remains the same. When you're towing a trailer, one last point to remember is that the entire weight of the trailer is not considered to be a part of your vehicle's GVW; however, the tongue weight -- the weight of the part of the trailer that actually attaches to your trailer hitch -- is part of your vehicle's GVW.

Again, none of this changes your vehicle's GVWR.

f550 gvwr

Trailers have their own specific gross vehicle weight ratings that, similar to the tow vehicle's GVWR should never be exceeded. If you're curious about your own vehicle's gross vehicle weight rating, that information can typically be found on a label inside the vehicle's door frame, often in the area where the driver's door latches. Another option is to search for the information on the Internet.

Most manufacturers will publish this and other important vehicle information online. Nissan Frontier Towing Capacity. Nissan Pathfinder Towing Capacity. Related Nissan Frontier Towing Capacity.

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